Social Media Halloween Costumes

Every year my workplace has a Halloween costume contest. As the Social Media analyst I find it completely necessary to pull out all the stops and dress in my best social media-inspired Halloween costume. I’ve never won the contest but my co-workers and I have had a few laughs over my antics and I’ve reinforced my commitment to my craft.  What more could I hope for? So here’s what I’ve been able to scare up so far (sorry.)

Twitter Bird

When I started in this business Twitter was still relatively new to people, so very few in my office knew who I was when I wore this costume.  Now, most everyone would recognize this.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter I sure hope this inspires you to do so.

Twitter Halloween Costume
Now I know you want to follow me on Twitter

QR Code

The following year was the year of the QR code. QR codes were popping up everywhere, including gravestones! While I can’t imagine QR codes will still be with us several generations from now, they were the shiny new object then and continue to be a good way to send people to your landing page or social media profiles from print materials. Years from now visitors to our gravestones will be wondering what to do with that funny looking carving on the stone, but for now, here’s my Halloween interpretation.

QR Code Halloween Costume
QR Code Halloween Costume

The QR codes works. When scanned, the code took you to a landing page with this photo of me in a Facebook profile costume.

Facebook Profile Halloween Costume

Since this was just a landing page I didn’t actually make this costume. But you could!

Facebook Halloween Costume
Facebook Halloween Costume

Pinterest Halloween Costume

Pinterest Halloween Costume
Pinterest Halloween Costume

What are your ideas for social media-inspired Halloween costumes? Post them here or post photos on my Facebook page.

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