About Sue Reynolds

My mission is to help businesses succeed using social media marketing and to help women reach their leadership potential through one-on-one coaching and leadership training.

As an Executive Coach with a degree in Organizational Leadership, I specialize in mentoring and empowering women to succeed in the workplace. I am available for speaking engagements and trainings on both leadership and social media marketing. I’ve authored the book Leadership Linguistics, How the Language You Use Helps You Succeed at Work and in the World. I’ve also developed a Leadership for Women Course to help women overcome unconscious mistakes you might be making that hold them back at work.

I am versed in the latest trends on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, with tools such as third-party social media applications, and blog tools and plug-ins including CMS setup. I am Hootsuite, Google Analytics certified, am a certified Executive Coach, and have an inbound marketing certification from Hubspot. I will work with individual clients or teams to provide social media strategic planning, social media consulting, email marketing strategy, leadership coaching or social media training.

When I’m not working you’ll find me singing at local wineries and events as the lead vocalist with my band Strings Attached.

I love to travel and blog about my adventures at Off Duty Traveler. I hope you’ll join me there too!

If you’re ready to do something great together, contact me to get started!

What People are Saying

Thank You for your time and sharing your direction and insight with us; I found your content relevant and thought-provoking as it pertains to what we want to do here!

Bert H. | Senior Asset Manager

YOU are worth every dollar!

Chuck W. | Non-Profit Owner and Manager

I’ve enjoyed Sue’s mentorship immensely. She’s direct and efficient in her use of time and communication. She’s certainly been an asset to me and quite a role model. I highly recommend working with her.

Crystal L. | Director of Development

I found your page in perfect timing ! I’m running our ‘Women in leadership’ group at work & your content is perfect 👌🏾


Thanks to your content, I have already begun seeing better responses to email requests by making slight alterations to my language and tone. I love the fact that I feel I can still maintain kindness, sense of humor, and femininity while also communicating like a boss. Keep up the great work—you are a treasure!

Mandi Tieman

Thank YOU!! Your presentation was incredible. When I came up with the idea for this speaker series, the vision I had in my head was exactly what you delivered. You’re incredible!

Sara Betts

Thank you so much for all of your tips!!! I watched and learned so much from all of your videos!! I gained so much confidence! My third interview was a huge success and I was offered the position. This is an amazing opportunity for me. The salary negotiation videos were key!! I just doubled my … More Shannon M.

Shannon M.

Sue has spoken for my Communications course at Wilmington College and was terrific. She is dynamic and makes good sense of strategic business use of social media. Thanks again Sue! Keep it up!

Sherri Krazl

I want to thank you so much for all the compassion, assistance, advice and support you have given me over the past year. Your input was invaluable for me to realize I am capable of anything! 

Tamara A.

We are going to have to make some big changes with the event all because of your fantastic social media work!!  We had by far the best crowd ever and crowd estimates by them were even higher than I estimated!!

Trevor S. | Event Chairperson