Why Managers Matter: How Leadership, Communication, and Decision-Making Affect Team Outcomes

Your leadership and management style, your communication skills, and your decision-making abilities will significantly impact the outcome of your team, including morale, project success, and employee retention. Let’s dive in and explore how and why your leadership style matters, and what you can do if you want to change it.

Managers Inspire and Motivate

A manager who is able to inspire and motivate their team is more likely to achieve better outcomes than one who is authoritarian and dictatorial. Gone are the days when saying “because I said so” is good management practice. A good leader is able to set a clear vision for the team, delegate responsibilities effectively, and create a positive work environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Managers Communicate. Then Communicate Again.

Effective communication is essential in ensuring that team members are clear about their roles, responsibilities, and expectations. A manager who is able to communicate effectively is also able to provide constructive feedback and address any issues or concerns in a timely and professional manner. Even if you think you are communicating regularly, it may not be enough. Make sure you provide context to each conversation and share important details about how this information aligns with their role in the company.

Managers Use Data and Insights

Your decision-making abilities will of course impact the success of your team. A manager who is able to make informed and strategic decisions based on data and insights is more likely to achieve better outcomes than one who relies solely on intuition. A good manager is also able to involve their team members in the decision-making process, ensuring that everyone’s ideas and perspectives are taken into account. This is called buy-in, and it’s critical to getting everyone to get on board. Use data and insights to communicate the “why” to your team. Better yet, have them provide those insights to you!

Managers Provide Support and Resources

Your ability to provide support and resources to your team will directly affect their success and their morale. A manager who is able to provide their team with the necessary resources, such as training, equipment, and technology, is more likely to achieve better results than one who does not. A good manager is also able to provide support to their team members when needed, such as during challenging or stressful times.

Managers Foster a Culture of Professional Development

A manager who encourages team members to learn new skills and take on new challenges is more likely to achieve better outcomes, including employee retention, than one who does not. A good manager is also able to provide opportunities for their team members to grow and develop their careers within the organization. This doesn’t have to require a budget for outside training. It could simply mean communicating to them that you support their investment in learning job-related skills during the workday.

A manager’s leadership style, communication skills, decision-making abilities, ability to provide support and resources, and the ability to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement can all have a significant impact on your team’s success. It is essential for businesses to invest in the development and training of their managers to ensure that they are able to lead their teams effectively and achieve better outcomes.

If you need to level up your leadership skills or your management team needs help, check out my one-on-one leadership coaching and leadership courses! I’m here to support you.

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