Top Career Advice from Women Over 40

In this TikTok video, I asked my followers for one piece of career advice they would give their younger selves or other younger career women starting out. The response was overwhelming! I’ve tagged these smart, beautiful women in their responses so you can follow them if you choose.

Here is some of the most popular advice, in no particular order.

Career Advice To Our Younger Selves or to Younger Career Women

@growinguperin tells us: Boundaries! And never ever gossip. Avoid the gossiper.

@amyjanandfam tells us: Don’t have all the qualifications? Apply anyway!

@iamthesteelmagnolia tells us: To my younger self: be diligent. Show up. Be there. Do your job. BE ON TIME. Close your mouth and open your eyes and ears more. Never make excuses.

@jblt76 tells us: Look for the good in everyone. Stay professional. Don’t burn any bridges because someone may ask them for a reference.

@coastallocal tells us: Don’t allow others to take credit for your work! Speak up, be seen!

Penny Mullaney tells us to: Be confident! You know what you’re doing.

Suzanne Miller tell us to: Be honest about what YOU want and go for it. Don’t worry about what others think. Support other women. Demand equal pay or leave.

Daughter of Michael tells us to: Learn presentation skills. They really aren’t hard with practice and they help in so many aspects of your career.

BellaKF219 tells us: Do not learn to operate any appliance in the office kitchen. Do not take notes if no one else does.

sparkle4653 tells us: Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes & just live your life, love yourself and others.

Abbie Sturm tells us: I would say don’t overwork yourself and say “yes” to everything. Know your own needs.

@tecko20 tells us: You earned it all on your own. Be grateful but not beholding.

Luz Maria Hernandez tells us: Show up and never be late. Being dependable and reliable has opened many doors for me.

This user tells us: Don’t be so quick to volunteer or do the invisible labor like ordering lunch, event planning, booking meeting rooms etc.

Jblt76 advises: No one will miss you at that conference. Stay home and take the time you need with your infant.

There is much more great advice in the video comments than I could possibly list here! As of this writing I’ve received 90 comments and still going strong. Visit my video and follow me to see the rest of the brilliant advice women over 40 are giving to their younger selves and to other young career women getting started.

Do you have advice for your younger self, or for a young woman getting started on her path? Let me know in the comments!

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