From Pinterest Analytics to Instagram Apps: What’s New in August

Beach relaxIn the world of social media, just as in life, the only thing constant is change. Put your phone down and unplug for a few days, or heck, look away from Twitter for a few hours, and you’ll see just how much you missed. It’s good to look away from the screen for awhile, so not to worry! As you return from your summer vacations and head back to work or school, here’s what you missed in August.

Pinterest Analytics

Just this week Pinterest unveiled their new analytic platform and I have to say at first glance it looks great! Pinterest analytics by themselves aren’t new, as they first rolled out for business accounts in March 2013 to much fanfare. I admit though, after reviewing them then, despite being hopeful, I settled on this thought….


Fast forward to this week and I’m changing my tune. These analytics more closely remember Facebook insights. They offer up colorful graphs and charts that show demographics on your audience, activity on pins from your own website and most popular pins, plus top pin impressions.

Here’s a sample of the new interface.

New Pinterest Analytics

New Pinterest Analytics

If you haven’t converted your business Pinterest account to an official business account, now’s the time to make the switch.

Facebook Newsfeed Changes

Surprise! Facebook changed their newsfeed again.This time they are working to push down stories known as clickbait. If you follow The Weather Channel on Facebook (I hate to call them out but they’re guilty IMHO) you know clickbait. Here’s an example:

Click Bait

Now aren’t you glad you put that phone down? In all seriousness, Facebook is constantly researching how their 1.23 billion users interact with content in their newsfeed so they can offer up a better product and keep you on Facebook where you belong. In this case they are factoring in time spent on stories clicked through from Facebook to determine the value of the original post. In the Weather Channel example, you can see why people might click on the story based on the post. In the case of serial clickbaiters, typically there’s little in the story that matches the headline, so folks click right back to Facebook. Facebook can measure that and, if it happens a lot with a story, it won’t display as often in the feed. Facebook clickbait marketers beware!

Twitter Timeline Changes

Twitter updated their definition of their timeline with this statement last week:

“Additionally, when we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don’t follow. We select each Tweet using a variety of signals, including how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it. Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting.”

Until this change the Twitter timeline, not including sponsored tweets, showed users content only from accounts they had chosen to follow. This is a change in that core philosophy. I’ll let other bloggers debate the ramifications.

Instagram adds Hyperlapse as a Standalone App

This week Instagram has released Hyperlapse, an app, according to to Instagram’s blog, designed to capture high quality time lapse videos even if you are moving the camera.  Currently the app is only available on iPhones; however, there are plans to develop an Android version as soon as they work out the camera functionalities.

I went straight to the app store and downloaded it. It’s super easy to use, does not require an account and incorporates sharing to both Instagram and Facebook once your video is produced. Check it out.

Pinterest Messages

And we’ve come full circle back to Pinterest. This month, Pinterest added the ability to message other pinners in your community right on the pins themselves so you can plan trips, discuss recipes, share a new hairstyle or outfit idea or anything else those pins inspire. I’ve been experimenting with it and it works well. Push notifications are included. The function appears when you click the share button at the top of the pin. Here’s what it looks like:

Pinterest messages

Now that you’re back in the loop, please share with me in the comments what you did on your summer vacation. As you can see, I didn’t take one. If I missed anything on this list, let me know there too.

The Answer to Setting up Multiple Social Media Profiles

Multiple hatsYou’re a complex person with a diverse set of skills, hobbies, likes and dislikes and friends. You’re a salesperson who’s also sports fanatic with a love of gardening.  You’re a marketing professional with strong political views and a love of cooking and great food. You’re an office assistant trying to break into the music business with your band. How do you showcase all these sides of your life on social media? Should you have more than one Facebook or Twitter profile? Should you set up separate LinkedIn profiles for the different business aspects of your life?

Here’s what I recommend, and in some cases, what’s permitted by the terms of service for these platforms.

Multiple Profiles on Facebook?

No. Setting up more than one personal account is against Facebook’s terms of service and, if they catch you, they could shut down both your accounts AND any pages associated with them. Why? A personal profile is what  you get when you register for Facebook with your email address. It allows you access to pages you manage. It’s how you connect with family and friends, share your personal brand, likes and interests, family photos, and like the brand and celebrity pages you enjoy. The data around likes, interests, and the authenticity of the personal profile is Facebook’s most valuable asset.  Multiple profiles defeat the purpose and confuse the data.

Multiple Profiles on Twitter?

Yes.  You can be as many different people on Twitter as you’d like. If you want to keep your personal feed of sports jokes, political views and television shows separate from your business profile there is nothing in the Twitter terms of service that says otherwise. Think carefully though. If you’ve put your name in some way on both accounts, the odds are that people are going to find both if they search for you, thus linking the two “yous” together anyway. If you’re really serious about using Twitter as a business tool, remember that both online personas will reflect on your personal brand.

Multiple Profiles on LinkedIn?

No. It is clear in LinkedIn’s User Agreement that multiple profiles are a misuse of the service. If anyone turns you in or if LinkedIn finds your multiple accounts they can suspend the service, or at the very least force you to pick one account to use in the future. LinkedIn is meant to be a place to showcase your professional self. This isn’t the place for your love of cooking, unless you’re a chef, of your love of baseball unless you play second base. This is the place to offer up your professional self and network with other professionals. If you wear multiple hats, use the skills, experience and specialties sections to showcase all your different talents. It’s possible to have more than one current employment listed, so use that feature to highlight your current diverse roles.

Multiple Profiles on Google +

Yes. This one is tricky. Each time you sign up for Google you automatically get a YouTube channel and a Google Plus profile as part of the service. You can have multiple Google accounts, but understand that Google plus IS Google. It’s the backbone of its personalization features.  The benefits of a Google Plus account include improved search engine ranking for articles you publish, the ability to show your profile alongside your published articles using authorship markup and different circles of contacts for targeted marketing. If you’re using Google Authorship for improved search results make sure your profile is clearly you, with a real name and a good headshot. Any other accounts should not confuse your audience. Martin Shervington explains Google Plus for Marketing clearly in this podcast. If you are using multiple Google accounts, here’s advice on how to switch between Google accounts easily.

Multiple Profiles on Instagram

Yes. Just like Twitter, it’s possible to have multiple profiles on this image sharing platform if you want to keep your hobbies and interests separated. Since this is a mobile phone app, doing so can be clunky and time consuming. Think this strategy through before deciding to move ahead. There are some apps that can making managing multiple platforms easier, as this blog from Digital Trends outlines, but rest assured it will be a bit unwieldy.

Bottom Line

Multiple personalities? The answer varies depending on the platform. Before setting up and populating multiple profiles on any account I recommend checking the terms of service to make sure you aren’t violating any user agreements. I’d hate to see all your work building connections and content go down the drain. I’d also recommend thinking through how this will support your overall personal brand and business goals. If the bottom line is if you’re worried that something you might post could hurt your business reputation, perhaps you should consider not posting it rather than hoping no one will connect the dots to the other you.

How are you handling your diverse talents on social media? Let me know in the comments, tweet me @suereynolds or post it on my brand page on Facebook, where I share my thoughts on social media marketing.



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