Leadership Tips from The Frosting Girl

Hi, I’m Sue Reynolds, owner of Carmine Media, also known as The Frosting Girl. If you arrived from TikTok you’re probably here to learn more about communications and leadership for women in business. My blogs here have way more detail than I can cover in a 15-second video!

I am a certified Executive Coach with a degree in Organizational Leadership and over twenty years of corporate and non-profit management experience. I currently manage a team of social media and content marketers for a major corporation. At Carmine Media, I provide those same services to small businesses and non-profits. I am also a speaker and trainer on business, social media marketing and leadership.

When I’m not managing the team I am spend my time as the lead vocalist in an acoustic band called Strings Attached and traveling the world. I write about my travels on my travel blog Off Duty Traveler. I hope you’ll visit me there too!

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woman in red sweater at office

Mistakes Women Make in the Workplace That Hold Them Back

Although things are improving, women continue to be underrepresented at every level in the workplace. A 2019 study by Women in the Workplace shows that women hold only 21 percent of C-Suite level positions and 38 percent of management positions. Much of this is due, of course, to bias, both conscious and unconscious, at every … More Mistakes Women Make in the Workplace That Hold Them Back


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