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Hi there.

I’m Sue Reynolds, owner of Carmine Media, also known as The Frosting Girl.

I am a certified Executive Coach with a degree in Organizational Leadership and over twenty years of corporate and non-profit management experience.

In my corporate life, I manage a team of social media marketers for a major corporation. At Carmine Media, I provide those same services to small businesses and non-profits. I am also a speaker and trainer on business, social media marketing, and leadership.

When I’m not managing the team I spend my time as the lead vocalist in an acoustic band called Strings Attached and a jazz band called The Copious Notes. Because of my vocal training, I love to do voiceover work for corporate phone systems, videos, podcasts and more!

I’m an avid traveler when not in lockdown, and write about my travels on my travel blog Off Duty Traveler. I hope you’ll visit me there too!

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What People are Saying

I found your page in perfect timing ! I’m running our ‘Women in leadership’ group at work & your content is perfect 👌🏾


Your videos make me a better leader! Thank you.


I have absolutely been changing the way I word my work emails over the last few weeks because of your videos. I absolutely love you 🥰


Thank you so much for all of your tips!!! I watched and learned so much from all of your videos!! I gained so much confidence! My third interview was a huge success and I was offered the position. This is an amazing opportunity for me. The salary negotiation videos were key!! I just doubled my … More Shannon M.

Shannon M.

Sue has spoken for my Communications course at Wilmington College and was terrific. She is dynamic and makes good sense of strategic business use of social media. Thanks again Sue! Keep it up!

Sherri Krazl

I don’t think you realize what a wave of change you are cultivating! Where is Oprah!!?! She needs to get u on camera! ❤️❤️❤️❤️We need you!


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