Leadership for Women Seminars

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Are your communications not getting the response you want? Do you struggle to be taken seriously, be heard at meetings, or even to get a place at the table? Are you afraid to express your opinions at work or do you apologize when you do? Are people ignoring or, worse, disrespecting you?

Let’s fix that.

You’ve made the decision to start becoming a more effective leader, or maybe you are getting started on your leadership journey. Whatever stage you’re in, this Leadership for Women coaching series is designed around my most asked questions from women.

In this series, you’ll learn how your unconscious language, spoken, written, and unspoken, might be holding you back from that promotion or from getting invited to important decision-making opportunities. You’ll see how you might be your own worst enemy in getting the respect you deserve.

We can’t change gender bias in the workplace ourselves, but we can stop buying into it. We can begin to normalize being assertive, clear and direct, while still being friendly, warm, and kind.

Let’s get started.

Getting Respect Without Acting Like a Man

This short seminar is on one of the most common concerns women have expressed on my videos. “But I don’t want to act like a man.” The key is to be yourself, only more assertive. This video is step-by-step coaching on how to do that!

These short classes are typically more than $30 each, but I’m offering this one for just $8.

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Five-Part Leadership Series

This series of in-depth videos and resources will help you navigate everything from:

  • Getting Started in Leadership
  • Presenting Yourself Professionally
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Handling Criticism and Negativity
  • Career Progression: What to Do With the Rest of Your Work Life

Each video is designed to help you move into a leadership role while navigating the often difficult, unconscious, and confusing communication barriers for women.

There’s more than an hour of content here, prerecorded so you can come back and watch at your own pace. Courses like these can cost between $750 and $2,000, but I’m offering mine for $148.00. To access the content and resources, create an account and use the secure payment portal to get started.

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