How to Remove Spam Referral Sites from WordPress.Com Reports

If you’re using as your blogging engine you’ve probably noticed an increase in spam referral sites in your reports over the last few weeks and months. Sites such as buttons-for-your-websites and best-seo-offer are showing up as referrals on most new WordPress sites and are pushing down legitimate referral traffic, skewing your numbers and making a mess of your analytic reports.

If you’re using there’s an easy way to remove these. Here’s how to remove spam referral sites from your reports.

1. Visit your Dashboard and click on View All in stats.

Wordpress stats

2. Click on Summaries under Referrers

Wordpress referrers

3. Hover over the spam referrer site. You’ll see the option for spam? display next to the site.

Removing Spam referrer sites in WordPress

Click the option for “Spam?” and will automatically filter out those referral traffic visits from your reports.

This is just another way makes it easy to start and maintain a blog without needing a lot of technical knowledge. If you have other shortcuts like this let me know in the comments!

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