Social Media: The BEST Oscar Party Ever

Before the award ceremony, I challenge myself each year to see EVERY single film that’s been nominated for an Oscar for best picture. It’s typically a race against the clock (or the weekends) and I usually come up short by at least one or two films. But still, I try. My big dream is to host an Oscar party with wine, expertly-made hors d’oeuvres a-la Martha Stewart and glamour. Yes, the attire is formal. I’d put out a red carpet and make little Oscar name tags for everyone and serve Oscar-themed cocktails.

Get real.

My family lives in another state and my friends are scattered all over the country. This is never going to happen. I’m ok with that though. I can be part of the biggest Oscar party ever on social media.

Why I think Social Media makes the BEST Oscar Parties
Why I think Social Media makes the BEST Oscar Parties

The Oscars: Facebook Versus Twitter

I typically post to both throughout the event, but they are decidedly different experiences. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

The Oscars: Twitter

I love Twitter for events. Last year’s Ellen DeGeneres photo (above) that actually broke Twitter, taking down its servers for several minutes, is an example. All of us watching were part of that in real time. It allowed us to be present for the event in a way no medium, other than the first broadcast of the Oscars on television in 1953, has ever done. Following the event on Twitter is like being at the world’s biggest Oscar party, snarky comments and all. I, like everyone else at the party, tweet out my opinions and cheer on my favorites throughout the broadcast, or at least the part during which I’m still awake. I do have to work in the morning. It’s also where I watch what other brands are doing, some of which are doing great things.

I’d love to say I get tons of engagement on my tweets, but really I don’t. I’m never going to break Twitter. My tweets are a blip in the feed, which runs faster than I can refresh. Where do I get my engagement during events like the Oscars?


The Oscars: Facebook

Our personal Facebook feed is a closed group of friends. Mine is filled with people I know, many of which I would actually invite to my fantasy party if they lived close by. Yes I overshare on nights like tonight and yes, I’m sometimes snarky. But I get engagement and comments on my posts. Because these are my actual friends and family.  They, like me, have a personal investment in the relationship, if only digital.

If I were to really ramp it up, I’d start a private Facebook event for tonight, invite my friends and then agree to all meet there and share photos, comments and more. What fun! Maybe next year.

Public Posts

For those posting, like me, on Facebook, remember if you have the ability for people to follow you turned on and you make your posts public with a hashtag, they will be visible to everyone in the hashtag feed, even people outside your friend list. If you’re posting on Twitter and don’t have your tweets protected, then everything is public.

So tonight I’ll be watching and sharing my unsolicited opinions. If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can @suereynolds. If you want to be part of my community on Facebook, you can follow me there. My comments will be public and part of the hashtag feed.

Let the snarkiness begin.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the Oscars and other events?

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