2014 Social Media and Content Marketing Resolutions

Happy New Year

More than 45% of us make New Year’s Resolutions according to research by the University of Scranton. Among the top ten resolutions for 2014 include stay fit and healthy, get organized, learn something exciting and spend more time with family. Let’s translate those to social media and content marketing and see what we get.

Learn Something Exciting

In order to produce good content you must consume good content. Put these awesome social media and content marketing blogs on your list of things to read for 2014:

Convince and Convert – this social media and content marketing blog, led by social media rockstar Jay Baer (@jaybaer) is one of my personal favorites. No nonsense, no hype, just good advice.

Content Marketing Institute – Led by Joe Pulizzi, this blog is full of practical guidance on content marketing.

Social Media Examiner – the world’s largest online social media magazine, full of great advice.

Be More Creative and Organized

It’s been well documented that social media posts that include creative photos get more engagement and shares. Since most of us don’t have an art department at our disposal, here are my favorite photo editing apps to help you be more creative and organized with what you do have in 2014.

PicMonkey – free online photo editing software that allows you to edit photos, add text and effects or create a college. The pro version has additional features, but check out the free version to get an idea.

Photo Frame Free – an easy way to make a collage of photos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Save the collage to your gallery and add your own effects.

Instaplace – overlay several places skins on top of your photos. Great for location based accounts, travel, food and holiday photos.

ColorNote – even if you aren’t good at organizing, this app uses colors to help the most unorganized folks keep on top of their to-do lists. Be creative on the go. Includes reminders and cloud storage.

Get your Social Media Profiles Into Shape

Twitter Egg
No one trusts this guy

When was the last time you reviewed your “about” section on your Facebook timeline? Your LinkedIn profile? Your Instagram or Twitter profile? How does your profile picture look? Have you hatched from your Twitter egg? Take some time this month to review your profiles and make sure they are accurate, polished and up to date. You’d be surprised how fast your information becomes outdated and inaccurate. If you’re looking for employment in 2014 pay special attention to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to take advantage of some of the new features, such as adding publications, skills and endorsements.

Spend More Time with Family and Friends

The hardest of all. This year make a promise to yourself to unplug once a week. Take a break from being constantly connected to your community, your content sources and your profiles and connect with those closest to you IRL (in real life), your family and friends. Put your phone away and vow to stay away from your computer for one day. Take a drive or explore someplace new and allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings. Research says that just the act of moving makes us more creative – picture those walking scenes from CSI. Take what you’ve learned back to your work – they’ll be thankful you did.

Happy New Year 2014! What are you doing to make this year great?

One thought on “2014 Social Media and Content Marketing Resolutions

  1. I actually have my own checklist of social media marketing solutions. One of my aims this year is to earn a stable following by building genuine connections. Having a list of goals surely makes someone see and focus on their goals. So far, I’ve been seeing positive results on my page. With an average of 3 likes in a week, that’s not particularly bad.

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