Pinterest Integrates Foursquare Mapping

Pinterest map

If you’re an avid Pinterest user like me you probably have boards for places you’ve traveled, places you want to visit, places you’ve lived and other pins and boards focused on location. Well now Pinterest has now rolled out Pinterest Place Pins, powered by Foursquare, which allows users to connect these location based pins to an interactive map powered by Foursquare place data. Here’s an example from my “Places I’ve Traveled” board.

Turning on Place Pins in Pinterest

To turn on this Place Pins feature choose a board, choose edit board and turn on the “add a map” feature.

Pinterest add a map

Now start adding locations to your existing pins. Each pin on the map contains address and contact information, which is great for location based services, restaurants, hotels and popular destinations. This will be motivation for marketers to make sure their Foursquare place data is complete and up to date. Users can also add a location to the map first and Pinterest will prompt them to choose a photo or upload one.

Foursquare Place Data – the other part of the story

The fact that Pinterest keeps improving its platform is only part of the story. In my view, the other, no less important part, is the increasing use of Foursquare place data to power these kinds of location services. This data is showing up on other networks like Instagram, Vine and Path too. Foursquare is proving itself to be nimble, useful and relevant with it’s new push notifications for travel. “Welcome to Fairport” it told me on a recent trip to New York. “Here’s what your friends recommend.” How’s that for personalized content?

So I see this as the increasing usefulness of location based data, paired with interest based networks, shaping the way we interact online.

What do you think?

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