How to Schedule Tweets from Pinterest using Buffer App

Pinterest SchedulingI’ve been finding Pinterest an excellent addition for many of my social media clients. One new strategy includes sharing pinned images that include an @mention of a Twitter follower in order to cross pollinate the engagement; however, the inability to schedule these pins has been one of the drawbacks. I’d like these tweets from Pinterest to be spread throughout the day, but unless I’m right in front of the computer this has been impossible, until now.

Buffer App for Scheduled Social Media Posts

The technique combines Twitter and Pinterest with Buffer App for scheduling the tweeted pins. If you’re not familiar with Buffer App it’s a great tool to publish articles to your Facebook and Twitter feeds right from your browser using their plug in. Sign up for a free account and visit their Apps and Extras page for the Chrome and Firefox extensions. There’s also Buffer for iPhone, Buffer for your If This Then That programs and lots more. Once you get your account set up and linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts you can begin adding posts to your Buffer.

Scheduling Tweeted Pins

Buffer App is cool enough, but using it for scheduled tweets from Pinterest is even cooler. Here’s how it works. First, upload your pin to Pinterest and include your targeted tweep by @mentioning them in the pin description. Here’s an example:

Using Buffer App in Pinterest

 Once you’ve pinned the image, go to your Pinterest board and double click it to bring it up. Pinterest includes social sharing buttons on the right side of each individual pin as you see in the photo below.

Pinned image

Next, select the tweet button and bring up the Twitter connection. Here’s where the magic happens. See how Buffer App is integrated into the tweet function? You can select it and add it to your buffer, thus scheduling the tweeted pin. Your targeted follower gets an @mention and you schedule several out over the course of the day to engage your tweeps. It’s that easy!

scheduled tweet for pinterest

Do you have any methods you’ve discovered for scheduling posts? Share them with me here!


About Sue Reynolds
Sue Reynolds is the founder and owner of Carmine Media, a web and social media consultancy. She is also the manager of social media and web design in a corporate environment, where she works with businesses and nonprofits to build their web presence and nurture brand loyalty.

12 Responses to How to Schedule Tweets from Pinterest using Buffer App

  1. This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Sue,
    I was looking for a way to automate Pinterest and this is a good addition to tools. New to buffer app too.


  3. Bea says:

    I’m frustrated. I’ve followed the tutorial, but when I bring up the pin and click Twitter, the box with my tweet and link comes up, but there is only the tweet button and not the buffer button. Any guess?

    • Sue Reynolds says:

      Bea – Buffer works by integrating itself among your social networks in the browser. If you have Buffer installed in your browser you should be seeing the button next to the Tweet button. If not, check to make sure it installed properly. Hope this helps! Sue

  4. Sudheer Someshwara says:

    I would like to introduce you to PinGraphy – It helps you schedule pins on your Pinterest Board. It has a bookmarklet which lets you pin it directly from your browsers.

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  6. Carol Dunlop says:

    justwhat I’ve been looking for, thank you! I have been using the IFTTT app with Buffer but they don’t have Pinterest in there yet

  7. Brenda Young says:

    Great post love the info TFS, and I want to pin it to my social media board but…… Not a pinworthy pic via android.. not to dog you, just a helpfull note 🙂

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