Market your Business on LinkedIn with Company Pages

Did you know you can now post status updates on LinkedIn as your company page? Until now LinkedIn was a great tool for personal branding but fell short for companies. While over the past several months they’ve added more functionality to company pages like products and services, until recently company pages still functioned mainly as brochures. That’s all changed! Now you can use LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool for your company. With a few minor changes to your company page settings you can now post status updates as the company and interact with your company followers. Here’s how to take advantage of this new social feature on LinkedIn.

Complete your LinkedIn Company Page

In order to get started navigate to your company page and choose Admin Tools. Then choose edit.


You’ll now see a setting for Company Pages Admins. Choose “Designated users only” and then under Manage Admins choose from your connections the people you want to have access to company status updates. Type their name in the field and select them.


Now’s the time to make sure your company logo, company specialties and blog RSS feed, if you have one, are updated. If you don’t have a blog that’s another conversation. Once all these fields are updated, click publish.

Post a Status Update as your LinkedIn Page

Now you’ll have the ability to share updates with anyone following your company. They will show up right in the news feed of your LinkedIn followers along with the updates of people in their connection list. Easy, right?

Now that you have more reason to use your LinkedIn company page, think about adding products and services if you haven’t already done so. If you have a video now’s the time to feature it. Can you get recommendations from connections? Ask for them! Since your company pages will be getting more attention take the time now to make sure you’ve provided all the information your new visitors need.

Have you used LinkedIn Company Pages to promote your company in the past? How do you see yourself using this new feature?

One thought on “Market your Business on LinkedIn with Company Pages

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