Why your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Background Design are Insignificant

It’s easy to get caught up in designing a beautiful background for your Twitter account and your Facebook page. After all, it is your image and personal branding at stake. You want the best quality photos, a branded Twitter background that showcases your organization and you want Facebook tabs that inspire and educate. This is an extension of your web presence, and you need to wow your clientele with a beautiful page.


Ok I’m exaggerating a bit but I do have a point here. The truth is most people never return to a Facebook fan page or a Twitter page once they’ve clicked like or follow. After that initial visit your content shows up in their newsfeeds, so they might not ever have a reason to navigate over to your page again. With Twitter’s launch of the follow button for websites today your Twitter background just became even more insignificant! Before the follow button potential followers had to visit your Twitter page at least once to follow you. Now they can just click follow right from your site and never once visit your page.

If you’d like a button like the one pictured below for your website you can get one here:

Follow me!


What all this means is that it is, and always was, the quality of the content in your newsfeed that’s important. So instead of spending a lot of time fussing over the look and feel of your page and your background images, spend time creating quality content that keeps your fans entertained and engaged.

I’d love for you to visit my Twitter page and follow me there, but you can also use the button.

5 thoughts on “Why your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Background Design are Insignificant

  1. I think I’d have to agree in part and disagree in part, Sue.

    While it’s true that people typically only visit a FB Page once (I put less value in Twitter profile backgrounds, and mine is a perfect example), first impressions still count, I think. If someone’s taken no time or put no effort into coming up with a Facebook Page that’s somewhat appealing and welcoming, there’s a lesser chance that I’m going to Like that Page. Tell me a little about yourself with the design and layout of your Page. Particularly in an artistic endeavour, a bit of personality in a Facebook Page makes sense, I think.

    1. I do agree with you Bob to a point – especially with Facebook. Welcome tabs and a good profile picture set the tone for your page and do convince folks to like. Your Twitter icon is important, but my point is that folks get caught up on designing an awesome background, and then neglect their content. The truth is that most don’t visit the page after the initial like – so concentrate on your content! With Facebook the look and feel seem a bit more important, with Twitter – not so much. I appreciate your comments!
      Do you have a Facebook page I can visit?

    1. Bob – Thanks for the link to your Facebook page – you just earned another like! Nice welcome tab by the way 🙂 Now I’m looking forward to some awesome content from you.

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