Friday night lights

I just came home from my local high school’s Friday night football game, and it was a great evening. The team played an awesome game, the marching band was the best I’ve ever seen them, the weather was great and in the distance, making the evening picture perfect, I could see farmers out in the fields harvesting. It was Americana at its finest. We’re just a small town here, nothing spectacular about it really, but tonight it seemed like the type of place people dream about living and raising a family. There was a cause to get behind–the football team, and a community to be proud of. It was special.

EC vs Greenview
Photo courtesy of East Clinton High School

Your social media page for your business should create the same feeling.

What are you cheering for? What brings your customers together? What is it about your business that can make them feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves? What is the one thing you do that makes you special?

That’s the mission of your social media strategy. Keep focused on that, and your Facebook (and Twitter) fans will be cheering for you.

Go EC!

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